Hair Candy

Style is not trendy. Solstice Salon’s clients rely on Marisa and Frank for their skills for flattering cuts, styles and color. The salon does not believe in pushing the latest product nor trying the latest trends for the sake of “fashion” alone. They do, however, continue to educate themselves to offer clients more stylish options.  An example of providing new services includes Hair Candy, which involves the insertion of the 100 percent silk fiber strands, a new fashion trend from Thailand that was first spotted in the US late last fall. Now it is available in Dallas at Solstice Salon. Clients can choose from a selection of 12 vibrant, rainbow colors. The silk fiber strands are hand tied to hair by a technician and stay in place until the hair naturally falls out. Clients can wash, highlight, flat iron and curl hair with their sparkly Hair Candy treatment. This subtle sparkle shows how Solstice keeps fresh and relevant.  

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